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For shots, drives are the shots played generally from the front foot in front of the wickets (On drive, straight drive, cover drive), cuts are back foot shots (square cut, late cut) where you're cutting the ball, pull is self explanatory, I guess, where you pull a short ball into the leg side, and then there is the leg glance where you just tickle the ball through the leg side.

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Compilation of the most glorious stroke of Cricket THE COVER DRIVE, Enjoy some of the best shots in cricket.Subscribe Cricket Cut Piece for more thrilling cr...

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A batsman plays a square drive during a cricket match (Image Credit) The square drive can be played against good to full-length deliveries that are wide outside the off stump . Square drive is very difficult and risky especially for beginners as it is played with the hands away from the body.

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A drive is a straight-batted shot, played by swinging the bat in a vertical arc through the line of the ball, hitting the ball in front of the batting player along the ground. It is one of the most common shots in a batting player's armory and often the first shot taught to junior cricketers.

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Sid Lahiri’s guide on how to play on drive.The 'on drive' is a shot played by the batsman vertically swinging the bat and hitting the ball along the ground i...

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During the on drive, the front foot will ideally move straight forwards towards the pitch and line of the ball. The front knee should be slightly bent and the weight of your head should be over your front knee. As the bat comes through to strike the ball, the face should be angled towards the leg side of the bowler.

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Answer (1 of 5): Here I am describing all the types of shots strting from orthodox to unorthodox shots. In the sport of cricket, batting is the act or skill of hitting the cricket ball with a cricket bat to score runs or prevent the loss of one's wicket.

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describes a batsman playing a shot, usually a drive, to a ball that is quite short and has already risen to knee height or more as the shot is played. One-day cricket. an abbreviated form of the game, with just one innings per team, usually with a limited number of overs and played over one day. One down.