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The Physics of Kicking a Soccer Ball

ters per second, and e is 0.7, then the ball velocity for the tall person’s kick is and the ball velocity for the short person’s kick is. v ball = + 20 + = 10 10 0 4 1 0 7 32 7. ( . ) . m s v ball = + 20 + = 6 6 0 4 1 0 7 31 9. ( . ) . m s 4

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Maximum ball velocity is reduced when kicks are performed with the nondominant leg for all skill levels ( 6,11 ), when the player is fatigued ( 3 ), and when the movement does not involve an approach phase ( 19 ). Ball velocity also is associated with selected features of the ball-contact phase.

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Nunome et al. [ 38] with the elite U-17 players got a kicking speed of 115.6 km/h, while lower scores were obtained in the studies by Tomáš et al. [ 29] and by García-Pinillos et al. [ 34 ], 102.89 km/h and 84.85 km/h, respectively.

Physics Of Soccer

This in turn depends on the kicking technique, among other things. From the above equations we can determine the velocity of the foot after the collision: This result makes sense since we expect the velocity of the foot to decrease somewhat after the kick. Based on experimental results, the value of e for soccer kicks is between 0.46-0.68 [2, 3]. For FIFA approved soccer balls, the coefficient of restitution must be between 0.82-0.88 at 20 degrees Celsius and between 0.79-0.88 at 5 degrees ...

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The average of this five is 182 kmph (113.1 mph) and range is. 74 kmph (45.98 mph). If at the professional level, this kind of variance is possible, think about considering an average for the entire population that ever kicked a soccer ball.

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Velocity- Velocity and velocity vectors have a really big rule in the game of soccer. Velocity is really important when you are in need of crossing the ball over really fast, or even just changing the direction and speed you are running in.


velocity to the peak foot velocity. When kicking without arm swing, the time was 0.04 s and 0.03 s, respectively. Table 1 . Velocities between kicking with and without arm swing when foot-ball contact. Arm swing Without swing Ball velocity (m/s) 33.6 (93 Km) 31.8 (88 km) Foot velocity 15.0 14.5 Shank velocity 8.9 8.6

Pocket Lab measures soccer ball acceleration and kick velocity

We placed a Pocket Lab sensor inside a soccer ball and on the kicking foot of soccer player Shelby Payne. We measured the angular velocity of her foot and th...

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Their findings show that the maximum swing velocity of the kicking leg “was achieved with an approach angle of 30°􏰆 and the maximum ball velocity with an approach angle of 45°􏰆. Therefore, an approach angle between 30°􏰆 and 45􏰆° would be considered optimum” (p. 112) (Figure 2).